I'm a Senior Interactive
Art Director & Motion Designer  focussed on uniques identities and  immersive experiences.

About Me

Nespresso U
Art Direction, Design & Motion design

Design And Motion design

Onderste Boven
Motion design

Nespresso : Hawaii Kona
Art Direction, 3D, Motion

Gasoil Now
Art Direction, Design & Motion design

Domyos Feel Beautiful (dir.’s cut)
Data Visualisation & Motion design

Jagermeister Music
Design & Motion design

Jagermeister : der Lichtung
Gif Cretions

Lady Gaga : The Naked Truth
Editing & Titles Motion

Jagermeister Spice : Film
Art Direction : serie of 8 films

Jagermeister Spice : Website
Design & Motion

Jeremy Schnider x Werkstatt
Captation, Editing, Gradings

Case Study for Actimel

Princess Tam Tam
Design & Motion

New Born
Film, Sound by Franz Dureigne

Zim : Kickstarter Campaign
Editing, Gradings

Tickle Me

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